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What exactly are your products?

Each 'collection' is based around a certain scientific subject and contains an adventure book, a scientific kit, and lesson plans. The book tells the story of our 4 superstars, as they go on scientific adventures, the kit helps you recreate their scientific invention at home, and the lesson plans help guide you in deepening the educational experience. Our first set, StellarNova and the Jet Car, is chemistry themed.

Loved the story? Want to do it at home?
Get the science kit and build it yourself!

Get book 1: StellarNova and the Jet Car here
Get kit 1: StellarNova Jet Car here

What is the recommended age range for the book?

We suggest it from ages 7-10

What is the recommended age range for the Jet Car kit?

Because it's a science kit, we recommend it from ages 8 and up. 

I've lost my jet car instructions. Can I get a new copy?

Here they are, available for download!

How does the Jet Car work?

When you add an acid to a base, you get a chemical reaction! The base you use is called sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and it has a gas called carbon dioxide trapped inside it. When you add an acid, you release the carbon dioxide, which fills up the bottle. When you open the spout, the gas pushes the water out. This is called propulsion - and according to the laws of physics it makes the car fly in the opposite direction!

Will my child need help in using the Jet Car kit?

We've designed it with child-friendly instructions to help kids of all ages understand easily. We do, however, recommend doing this under adult supervision for safety reasons.

Wait a second, is this jet car kit safe?

We've tested it with hundreds of kids and take safety very seriously. It's designed to be a fun, safe, learning experience. We still highly recommend adult supervision. Always remember to read all the instructions and only use the materials as instructed.  

What stuff do I need that isn't included?

You'll need the following:
- 1 recycled soda (cola) bottle (a water bottle won't work!)
- a few cups of water
- a container to carry the water in

Where should I do this experiment?

Science can make a mess! Do this outdoors- unless you want to spray salty water all over your living room. 

Can I run the jet car again?

Yes! if you run out of ingredients, you can get more in the kitchen or at most grocery stores. For acid, you can use citric acid, found next to canning items in most grocery stores. You could use vinegar instead- as much as fits in the basket. The base is sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, found next to baking goods in most grocery stores.

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