Our Advisors

David Yaari Borowich: David Borowich (born 1969) is an American financier, philanthropist, community organizer and activist. He is the founder of multiple community organizations, including Dor Chadash, which hosts cultural exchange programs between Israeli and American Jews. Borowich is a Senior Vice President with the RAI Group, an investment firm.


Cathy Lawrence: Accomplished media executive, producer, manager and team lead with experience in all the facets of media: digital marketplace, advertising and marketing and feature film and feature animation production. Cathy worked for The Walt Disney Company, Lucas Films, Serino Coyne Advertising and numerous startups.

Dr. Dov Reichman: Senior Manager for more than 25 years, specializing in research and development, innovation and entrepreneurship, in addition to marketing and business development in the international market. Professor at Hebrew University and author of teen entrepreneurship and development published work.

Matthew Kalman: Foreign correspondent based in Jerusalem since 1998, currently the Middle East Correspondent at Bloomberg. He has reported for American publications including the Chronicle of Higher Education, [1] MIT Technology Review, the Boston Globe, Time, Newsweek, San Francisco Chronicle, [2] New York Daily News and USA Today; reported for and is a television contributor for PBS in the United States, and Channel 4 News, UK,[6][7] and CTV in Canada.

Kfir Damari: Entrepreneur, Engineer, Researcher, Lecturer, Creative, Social-Geek. Co-Founder of SpaceIL and Metapacket. Communication systems engineer, lecturer of computer communications and advisor in the field of communications and information security; thousands of hours and experience conducting computer network forensic research